addictionary (29/Sept/17)

(note: strap in this is going to be a long one….)

‘thing is, there are all kinds of addictions…. there are the really obvious ones, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and nicotine of course though this probably comes under drugs, although the action of smoking itself is sometimes more of an addiction than the hit from is…..

… mustn’t forget sugar, that’s a big one, and all those insidious, dangerous and downright poisonous ‘sweeteners‘, one of the most successful cons in food retailing, far more harmful than actual sugar…. chocolate, oh yes, not just for the sugar, but the chocolate itself can be addictive……. can’t leave out sex, now there’s a taboo addiction insofar as rarely ever talked about or admitted and if so never in a positive light…….. oh yes, caffeine, most definitely one of mine (among others no doubt) through the medium of coffee, though again this may fit in with the drugs umbrella………. and, very appropriately as I sit here staring at a screen, the Internet (which always has to come with a capital ‘I’ by the way, have you noticed that?) with specific addictions for online porn, online gaming, which includes gambling…. funny how I’ve never heard of any addiction to real world board games, which incidentally are far ore interactive than the so-called interactive space of the digital ‘universe‘…….

… then there’s the adrenalin junkies addicted to anything extreme such as extreme ‘sports‘, though often I’d take issue with anything so extreme being regarded as sport, in such a case fox-hunting could be seen as such being the consequences are fairly extreme for the fox……. those who get their jollies by taking themselves not just to their absolute limits but then tipping over the edge of them…. such rushes are very short-lived (and sometimes so are they themselves) that they need another fix almost immediately……

… did I mention shoes?… well I have now… yes, apparently some get addicted to footwear….. and on this topic there’s addiction to shopping, even shop-lifting in some cases, although this could be linked to again that adrenalin thing/ rush/ kick/ hit/ thrill……. money, naturally, some claim and addiction to it though this may be a bit flimsy and their issue is not with the money per se………..

…. it’s been known for people to become addicted too… people….. usually a specific other person, believing they can’t function without their ‘fix‘ of them….. which could essentially be stalking and brings in something inextricably linked to addiction, obsession…….

… then we have a what could be called one of the ‘nu-addies’ (i.e. new addictions…. yes, I just made that phrase up), the smartphone, which has taken hold fast and is breeding an increasing number of addicts……. with a side order of ‘app-addy’ (i.e. App addiction… yes I made that word up too).…… another could be said to slot into this faux-category  if exercise, often exacerbated though not exclusively so by gyms, and for this we can go way back to the adrenalin thing……. then there’s being addicted to work, or sleeping, or not sleeping, to picking at your skin, self-harming, to blood itself either just seeing, touching, even drinking…….. to being ill, as for hypochondriacs who become obsessed with their health, or ill-health…………. clearly there are loads and far more than I’ve mentioned here, and then there’s a whole issue of cause of addictions which is just a min(d)efield of whatevers to unearth……..

….. habits become addictive because by their nature habits become habit-forming, hence, habits…. but when does a habit trip over into addiction, or obsession, or even fixation?……

…. it’s all further muddied by the level of addiction, how addicted are you, and to what addiction, or what several addictions…. do they come and go or are there all the time…… some say it’s to do with wired getting crossed in the brain but being how tinily and tightly-packed they all are crammed into such a relatively small space it’s hardly surprising it happens, and probably occurs more often than we realise being the majority aren’t officially recognised as having an addiction…… though it’s likely we all have, at least one, however under the radar it may be lurking…..

… ‘thing is, addiction may be normal and a natural part of the human condition and only becomes a problem when you start to, well, obsess about it… like perhaps I am now…… or when someone annoyingly points out something out about you that, until then, you were absolutely fine with and for the most part oblivious towards………. at some level everyone is addicted to something to some degree at different times of their lives, or even throughout, and perhaps several at once, so basically….. we are all addicts……..

….. now there’s a comforting thought….. or not……

© robert greig 2017

(from Rob’s Little Addictionary Corner)


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