over the fall, 28/Sept/17

despite parliament being in so-called ‘recess (i.e. summer holiday) the politicians are still loitering with headline-grabbing intent through now set-in-stone tradition of ‘conference season‘ where the various political Parties get their jollies, sort of like 18-30 holidays but with a manifesto……. and more like 18-80……. regardless if this meagre distraction that now old favourite (!) Brexit is still insinuating itself into one headline after another, into every single media scrum, programme, chat, and no doubt pillow-talk, into every slimy corner of the body politic……..

… though I do wish they would stop using the term ‘divorce‘ for it, the politicians and media too readily and now lazily grasping and brandishing this term at every opportunity, a term itself already burdened with its own baggage now has Brexit heaped upon it buckling shoulders…. surely becoming yet another misused term alongside such gems as tragic, cult, diva, decimate, et al………

Brexit, last years referendum on whether or not to remain in the European Union (for those of you lucky enough to have avoided all inkling of it), is hopelessly being compared with the UK getting a ‘divorce’ from the EU when the analogy of a trial, and in this case a miscarriage of justice would be more appropriate in which the defendant, the EU, has been found guilty and sentenced for at best circumstantial evidence and at worst bare-faced lies, gossip, rumour and exaggeration through a flagrant misuse of evidence some of which was clearly planted, withholding and concealment, following which an almost-hung jury found in favour of the plaintiff…. just…… far from overwhelming, a long way from a landslide, yet on this over the precipice we go, “all in it together” whether you want to be or not… so long and thanks for all the fish……………..

… trial by tabloid as usual presuming guilt over innocence turning on its head the fundamental premise of the British justice system and dashing it against a wall…….

… and now the recriminations, the whispers, as the instigators vanish from the public eye leaving someone else step in their dogs doodlings on the pavement…. and as happens with such poorly thought-out and executed plans, look at religion, Brexit now means different things to different people, a plethora of motives pulling each others hair out and scrabbling for supremacy in the schoolyard “it’s mine! it’s mine!”……. who the hell knows what it means anymore, it may as well be called ‘muckxit‘……… hardly all for one and one for all…..

a made-up concatenation of two words in a head-on collision to ring as hollow as the voices who wave it about like a noose…. give them enough rope and…………..

… if this had gone to court it would have been thrown out, if not during then afterwards demanding a retrial being it was based upon unreliable evidence with a shocking amount withheld from the jury…. us….. a miscarriage of justice where guilt was presumed by merely association without proof, nothing short of a kangaroo court…. it’s not whether you chose to remain or leave the EU, or even abstained through apathy it’s that the entire premise of Brexit was and is still based on a redefinition and misappropriation of the truth……..

… one thing I will say in favour of the flawed ‘divorce‘ analogy is it is always the children who suffer the most, in this case is us, we are the children who are being forced to choose one parent over another in an increasingly antagonistic atmosphere of deceit…… there’s a morbid fascination in seeing where we go from here, and a tangible sense of muted panic.

© robert greig 2017


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