bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

I got two free pens….
and a stick-it notepad from the Eisteddfod……. and a memory of mini-moshers, three and four year olds dancing, or more accurately uncontrollably gamboling and waving their limbs uncontrollably in a front of a stage while bands performed……. I even spoke to no less than the National Poet of Wales…. albeit briefly…. who wore wellies and was sipping a lime cocktail with who knows what else in while he was M.C.’ing the poetry picnic…… in a shed………
other gems from my last day of my first ever National Eisteddfod of Wales on Anglesey a mere 3 miles from home was a ukulele singer, Lisa Angharad and her band at Y Bws, The Bus, which was well, a bus, in a field, hemmed in by hay bales and graffiti……. definitely Calan, a la folk music band, and clogging…… most definitely Plu, twice!… a band of very cool sounds and voices…. another of two days ago (feels like a lifetime now!) was Nantgarw, another musical revelation of folk music also with a bit of clogging…. and an unexpected outdoor play I think though not entirely sure about landscapes and those who worked and scarred them…… impromptu band outside the Sinemaes, a cinema, in a tent, very wild west……. well this is the west of Wales after all……. I indulged again my tendency for crwydro, wandering with little aim, following some but not a lot of what unfolded around me being I’m not Welsh and this being a festival of Welsh arts and culture……
however long I’m here in Cymru I’ll never belong… even if I ever do vaguely master the language it’s clear and often made clear it’s not my place, my ‘world‘……. I am ‘other‘, wherever I lay my hat this is my lot….. nevertheless, I have two free pens and a stick-it note pad, and a camera overflowing with photos and indulged in innumerable coffees… coffee, coffee, coffi!

© robert greig 2017


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