stains of frames, 12/August/17

he could make out the shadow on the wall where something had once hung… a picture?……. a frame of sorts, containing…?…… and inside that our hero found another frame, a faint outline, another stain of a frame…… the one inside rectangular, offset, the stain of a frame framing the framing inside almost square, a hole in a hole where something used to be……… had a larger picture been hung after to hide the stain of the smaller frame?….. or did by some twist was the smaller hung after irrespective of the stain of the larger frame…. our hero pondered the mind of one using the stain of a frame as an additional frame to the frame of the picture they chose……… were they too lazy to paint out the older stain or like many a familiar thing no longer see it anymore…….. needless to say neither were there now leaving only an absence not even a hint of what had come before or after or since and now clearly was not…….. our hero could only muse at the options……. so scrub each stain of a frame clean removing both memories completely away or hang yet an even bigger picture, a larger frame to cover both stains of frames, out of sight out of mind but still haunting the walls underneath?……. at least this way its story would remain albeit hidden as it had for a long time already, but how long these stains of frames had been there was unknown… a length of a while and a while can be as long as a long……..

© robert greig 2017


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