Maes Q, 8/August/17

my first ever venture into the national Eisteddfod a mere four miles from me this time as it moves around the country to a different location every year ended in failure…. but not without plenty to write about which I won’t pen here but will do in a much, much, much, much longer blog later today which will probably take as long to read as I spent in queues (i.e. hours upon hours) in the end without achieving my objective…… getting Wales’ premier Welsh language arts and cultural festival………

ever so long story short, as already said I didn’t….. not for want of trying being defeated by queue after queue as to get into a site four miles away I had to go seven miles away to the hastily-cobbled contingency car park site which I can only loosely call a back-up plan I have now renamed Maes Q!….. for queue, of course …….. maes being Welsh for field and also general term for the Eisteddfod site itself (y Maes) and all the different areas within it, such as Maes B, Maes D, etc………

despite all my planning and preparation and hopes for my first ever Eisteddfod experience I found myself back home after 4 hours of getting nowhere fast……. those brave souls who succeeded still took up to three hours from parking to site although many sadly abandoned all hope…… I had success in getting others there directly to site but me, with the car and nowhere to park anymore meandered home sporting not the ‘d‘ for “dysgwr” (Welsh language learner) but the ‘d‘ for disappointment……..

will I try again before the end of the week?… the pessimist in me is doubtful……. if I scrabble down the back of the sofa I might rediscover a crumb of optimism I lost there ages ago……..

© robert greig 2017


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