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orangeology, 1/August/17

dear reader,

my room is huge!… almost bigger than my whole house….. as such this room isn’t in my own house as the only way it would fit into said house would be to turn it inside out…… as it’s made of bricks and stones and mortar and glass it’s too stubborn to be flipped inside itself like a toad is by buzzards to, for good reason, do not eat the skin of said toad but do like all the tasty innards….. or at least I assume they’re tasty too a buzzard, not me of course, I’m not a buzzard……… the room is huge!….. huge enough to swing my arms at full stretch in every direction as long as I’m standing in the middle, or lightly offset from said position….. too offset and I hit the walls, which feel like miles away….. just as well I brought my binoculars so I can see them………… so much space I could probably scream and scream and scream and scream and no one would hear me……. but I won’t it’s early-time, a time when dear reader no one else has dared a peek from beneath their still reposing eyelids…. and quite rightly so, not even I should be awake but I am, marvelling at the hugeness of this room…….. by the way did I say how huge it is?…….. HUGE!………… some birds make very silly noises, that’s my considered and educated opinions as an ornithologist…… if I am that at all, I might have made that up, in a room this huge it seems all things are possible in that I could be any –ologist I like….. having just snacked on an tangerine I could now regard myself a orangeologist with a specialty for the daintier said types of oranges……. but enough about me what about you, tell me all about you, but do it quick, before I run out of wor………………….

ps…. no fruit was harmed during the writing of this blog………

© robert greig 2017


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