flies, mites and ants, 7/July/17

flies have no idea about glass, no concept of windows… but still I think they’re more clever than people…… in their own way…. on balance the number of stupid things flies do is far, far less than what people do… despite one being bumping into windows, but then again I’ve seen people do that on more than one occasion……. and when people do stupid things they do them immensely stupidly……
I may be giving the impression I have a low opinions of humans, probably because I do……
… flies annoy me yes, especially when they’re buzzing around the house oblivious to how they got in…..  to figure their way out and paying no regard to the solidity of glass on executing it as their exit strategy… but people, now they do more than annoy and frustrate me, despite their general understand of windows generally greater than a fly…..
and don’t get me started on red spider mites…..
….. they seem to have made one huge miscalculation… of scale, making themselves far too small and readily-squishable…… although they get their own back by leaving an infuriating red smear upon their demise…… they’re a ‘now you see them now you don’t’ wee beastie….. very wee beastie!
…….. the ants are out again scurrying across the concrete from holes so tiny themselves as I hadn’t at first seen them as holes, marked only by tony granular doughnut mounds of earth…. and there they go in a ragged line, two actually….. too over there thatta-way and over there yonder-way………. back and forth utterly absorbed and clearly meaning business, the business of ants that only an ant knows, and as I’m not privy to any business I can’t enlighten you as to what that may be……. and the one seems to spur of, break away from the line, in a completely different directions…. lots of directions…. rebellious or drunk, I don’t know as again not being privy to even the mind of this such an ant I further can’t enlighten one way or the other……

© robert greig 2017


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