blournaling, 1/July/17

so now it’s time for bed…. what time is time for bed?…. bedtime of course, I imagine that’s how those two words “bed” and “time” first came together when they decided what was the actual time for bed should be……. makes sense I suppose………
… and so many things to remember every time at bedtime…….
… the first letter I wrote in my bl’ournal today was ‘s‘, I’m curious now which one I’ll end with……. might even be the same, or a different one…… there’s a whole 26 to choose from and probability theory would probably say all have an equal chance of being the one but I’m sure some are likely more likely than others to probably be more likely……. I won’t list them here or it’ll just turn into some random alphabet… or betalpha!……..
… you have to remember and be sure all the doors are locked, outside ones that is, and the windows are closed, except for those you want left open, and the windows except for ones you want left open, and that the televisions off otherwise it starts feeling a bit awkward and embarrassed sitting there being on and not being stared at as that’s what it’s used too, being stared at……. apparently you have to make sure the cats out, though I don’t know why especially if you have a cat-flap… I blame The Flintstones….. and you have to have a cat to do that anyway otherwise you’re just standing at the open door wondering why, then closing it again……. maybe people do it so they won’t wake up with a cat sleeping on their face, but again if there’s a cat-flap that’s kind of moot………
… all lights should be out, except like the windows for the ones you want left on for things like reading or not bumping into walls on the way to the bathroom………
…. must look out at the moon, whether it’s visible or not, doesn’t matter, I think it appreciates a little attention every now and then and bedtime seems a good time…..

…. finally, I have to listen…. just listen, to make sure all the sounds of the night are in their place and not hiding, or masquerading as a different sounds, or at worse, missing……. now I can go to bed……

(seems todays bl’ournal ended with a ‘d’… well, I never saw that coming…..)

© robert greig 2017


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