mist-slinger, 22/June/2017

from 37 to 16 in less than an hour…..
the mist broke through humidity’s hold and resistance to change, its unending drought drenching everyone, everything, every inch thick with its desert air and clingy fare, its oppressive machinations soon replaced  by billions upon billions upon tiny droplets brushing off the sunset like an incidental afterthought rolling mutely off the sea lazy licking shores and frisking pebbles, toils and tumbles up the rocks ravaging the shore from field to field to gorge itself consuming one house then another and another with an appetite unsated…..
…. the heat didn’t stand a chance taking refuge inside rooms to merely watch the mercury meekly leak away, each degree a morsel to the mist however much it yearned and strained to yield a storm it soon became apparent even in this shrouded mist it was too little far too late……
…….. and so my words did stray today, turn and turn and turn again and now all points point hither thither , troubled and spoiled where only down was obvious by where I placed my feet on solid soil…. distance lost its hold, a compass realigned, definition scattering in a panic……
………….. sound became a nonsense as was sight while skin became the only sign I wasn’t inside out……….

© robert greig 2017








….. nothing like a spot of pompous prose to start the day……..


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