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coasteering.. almost, 18/June/17

yesterday afternoon was spent coasteering…… that is, my version of it and not the adrenalin-fueled scrape, bump and bruisefest of leaping into foaming water from slippery rocks wearing a flimsy drysuit and funny hat only to haul yourself out and do it again…… although I can see the appeal… almost……. mine was more tea-fuelled, and involved the car…. driving from one coastal spot to another, indulging in a walk-cum-stroll to see what I can see punctuated with stops for, you guessed it, tea…. or coffee….. or as it turned out for lunch on the baking hot day it was, lemonade and mint drink with an accompaniment of potato wedges WITH sweet chili dip and a suitably-sized lush blackcurrant flapjack topped with a view of mountains and buzzards….. a four-year old tried to give me some gravel as a gift, most bizarre……. I saw little egrets… and a sparrowhawk!…. great for me, not too much for the sparrows………. even bagged a grasshopper warbler, heard not seen as they tend to skulk…….. and I saw Camargue ponies, or they looked it to me being a non-expert in all things equine…… and a red squirrel!…. who did a bang-up job at evading my lens…. and a puffin!…… well, not exactly… ’twas an island called Puffin sadly far too far away for my zoom but I imagined such auks were auk’wardly sat on its shore looking right back at me and sniggering among themselves… have you ever seen a puffin snigger?…… me neither, would be quite a thing, dontcha think!……… finally over coffee I sat and watched a wren adult feeding three of its equally-tiny young, being it was also tiny, as wrens are…. tiny…. it’s all in a day’s coasteering…. but I did it my way……..

© robert greig 2017



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