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porcelain seal, 16/June/17

the porcelain seal stared at our hero…… he stared back, what else could he do, even though he knew he was on the losing end and eventually he’d have to blink and the seal didn’t being that the seal was porcelain and he basically wasn’t……… he’s never seen the point of ornaments… they seem to just take up valuable space and collect dust… so essentially people who collect ornaments of one kind or another are in fact collecting dust and just using the ornaments as their catch-nets for a plethora of particles, tiny and tinier……… and still the porcelain seal didn’t blink…….. sadly it was too late for our hero who had already by now succumbed to a blink……… they’d reached Valencia in the shipping forecast and he knew what was coming next, because it’s where our hero lived… Ronaldsway…. and there it was…….. for a while back ago he pretended where he lived was called Valencia instead as it sounded decidedly more exotic than somewhere effectively called, Ronald… Ronaldsway…. which sounded somewhat dull and not somewhere a hero might live….. but he did……. our hero didn’t even know who Ronald was, which Ronald and why he had a massive ‘way‘ named after him………. he always waits for the end of the forecast for Faroe……. now that he does like the sound of, because it sounds as far away as its name suggest…. “far”oe……. far, far away north of anywhere and most definitely north of here….. they have seals there, and not porcelain but real ones…. though you never can be sure, someone in the far, far north of Faroe might have one made of porcelain, cluttering space and collecting Faroe dust……… our hero glanced and marveled at the porcelain seal’s persistence at continuing to stare……

© robert greig 2017


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