muddleglump, 15/June/17

oh dear, oh dear, said the muddleglump
oh dear, oh dear, waving his approximate arms in a slightly but not wholly exasperated state making them feel like they weren’t where they were supposed to be even though they were…. approximately…….
oh dear, oh dear, is all he kept saying on waking up, which is tricky as muddleglumps don’t ever sleep… not because they don’t want too, they do, they do!…… but seems they haven’t worked out how and as such have permanently puffy eyes with a reddened and watery sheen….. a bit like how two jellyfish would look if he had been in the middle of a jellyfish pie fight and got two full in the face……..
oh dear, oh dear…….. it wasn’t as though he had limited vocabulary either but seems for the moment and minute and second that followed at least it was all he heard himself saying…. to himself of course as muddleglumps aren’t great company and tend to shy away from such because of that, of knowing all too well when a muddleglump glumps into view people tend to pretend they haven’t seen him or huddle in tiny mumbling huddles, or at worse run away also waving their arms usually although theirs always seems to fit them so much better….. the muddleglump was ever-so slightly jealous of their arms, especially when he looked down at his own…….. his legs, as every muddleglump knew, were worse of course being more afterthoughts than actual limbs…. there were two, which was handy, or even feety, or oddly feety, which at least from a distance meant a muddleglump on low light and from a distance through squinty eyes could be mistaken for a notmuddleglump…… at least he didn’t have squinty eyes, though he did ponder if it was any better having ones resembling globular blobs of jelly……
oh dear, oh dear……… is all he could say or think or emote…… although emoting wasn’t a muddleglumps strong point he sometimes attributed this skill to himself in the hope it may convince others of his sincerity, after all he was always sincere it’s just, well, when you look as scary as a muddleglump people don’t tend to linger long enough to find out………..
oh dear, oh dear, he found himself repeating……….. but no one knew why because no bothered to ask…………… oh dear, oh dear.……..

© robert greig 2017


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