muddle waters, 3/June/17

with the general election mere days away now I’m afraid my thoughts are rattled and addled in equal measure and hence why sometimes such a blog writes itself and kicks at the door until I’ve no choice but to let it out into the wild…….

….. you see, brexit was fundamentally flawed from the beginning….. basically by making it a binary choice, an either or, yes or no….. remain or leave……. and as such should never have been allowed to be driven by a culture of campaigning akin and normally confined to political electioneering…….. this is less a political issue and more a social one despite attempts to convince us otherwise, even though the social and political are to a degree intertwined………..

….. this was supposed to be a referendum about an particular issue, in fact several all wrapped up into one with a whole mess of others thrown in to further muddy the already muddy waters………. instead it soon began to resemble and take on all the characteristics of an election, from the campaigns directly mirroring election aims and objective, strategies and methodologies, through to it soon becoming a conflict of personality-over-policy, to again fostering this ‘us and them’ mentality of good versus evil, with us or against us, encouraged and made to appear as a straight split between party lines even though this was far from the case……….

….. what was lost in all this hoo-ha, kerfuffle, bluster and battle-bus pomposity was the very thing that should have been front and centre… information……… it should have been a decision based upon information and not the personal preferences and opinions of one or another politician, and yet it wore the mask of a political bun-fight showing complete disregard for any dissemination of knowledge and information smothered by a flood of propaganda and outright lies dressed in far-too-easily digestible fast-food chunks McTuckyWay tweetbites…………. all the while any actual information was trampled underfoot in the stampede to avoid it should it dare to bring into question the over-simplistic thinking behind the absurdly-titled “brexit”…………

….. it was a result founded upon not just a lack of information but an intentional gagging of such and the conduits through which it could have been shared………… it became an unconscious, and perhaps in some cases conscious, collusion between self-interested politicians and media steering populist views……. the only choice was one bonfire of vanities over a bonfire of profanities as we were thrown into an arena of their choices, yes or no, no ifs or buts, no second guesses, no afterthoughts…….. should we have been given the time it deserved before making an informed choice based upon all the information from all sides, yes all and not just two, the outcome would at least have been as informed as possible whatever way the wind blew in the truest sense instead of merely selling souls down the river of name and shame…… sticking pins in dolls……. whichever way you look at it brexit is and forever will be a poison chalice……….

….. and now we’re left with another opposition, yet again less a choice and more an ultimatum, of a hard or soft brexit….. move over ‘middle way’, welcome in the ‘muddle way’..…  the ‘either or’, sounds like the monster you find lurking under your bed, and yet more binary opposition dividing and ruling in a constant barrage of attrition….. another danse macabre of two dancers neither knowing the dance and stubbing each others toes while exhausted musicians collapse into the orchestra pit……..

……..hopefully, for your sake mostly, this will be the last time I rap on about dreadxit (aka brexit) and all who sink in her…….. sadly I somehow doubt it…….. on a brighter note I’ve just made cakes!

© robert greig 2017


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