it’s been a long month, 30/May/17

now I know some readers balk at blogs with any hint of politics in them with yawns bigger then their heads but sometimes needs must and every now and then I must as it’s what I do, write what claws at my brain at this moment I’m sitting writing this drivel…… thus is my disclaimer…….

… the last general election here was 2015 and here we are again shocked into yet another a mere 2 years later which is very sneaky being that should the sitting government, the Conservatives, or Tories, win again then this gives them another 5  years being that’s the time between general elections… sneaky because it may effectively reset the election clock to year one giving them yet another 5 years on top of the two they’ve just had making it 7 by the time the next comes around, meaning we won’t be having an election as would be in 2020…. unless we do, then in 3 years time there will be yet another……….

… rocks and hard places, indeed……..

… normally extraordinary general elections, as in during a current elected term, would be held in times of national or constitutional crisis, but this time the only crisis is a prime minister (PM) having a crisis of confidence…. basically, a blip……… she wants her own personal mandate to govern, the fact they as a party already have that (in a sense, though never actually a majority as of the last election)……… this highlights the ego and neediness of the current personality at the head of the table in government (sounds familiar to anyone else in other countries?)……. so the PM had a whoopsie and the entire nation is dragged into this charade at a minutes notice to put everything on hold and run around like headless chickens for an election with no basis in parliamentary and legal terms…….

…. of course it does provide a chance to change who is shitting, oops typo, sitting at the top table of government but considering the timing being chosen to coincide with disarray among other parties is decidedly questionable….. a ‘kick them when they’re down’ approach?……… alongside a supporting cast of media making it all about the party leaders, and essentially two, is turning the whole circus into a presidential campaign in a country which doesn’t operate on presidential lines headed by egocentric demagogues (sounds familiar to anyone else in other countries?)….. aren’t we supposed to have a government by consensus?…… plus, the only people who can vote for Theresa May (the current PM) as all their election leaflets pronounce “Elect Theresa May!”, are those in her constituency and her own party in making her their ‘leader‘…. I’d like to think everyone else would be voting for the individual, or party should you go that way, best for your own local community and not on who is the  ‘leader‘, a position we know to be a moveable feast of musical chairs……

……. it’s still clear this election is about two things: a needy ego and brexit (ah yes, you thought you got away without me saying it)…… welcome to the Second Referendum on leaving the EU, the one they said would never happen………

© robert greig 2017

ps…. again, apologies for all readers who find politics mind-numbingly boring, my brain moves in mysteriously disturbing ways sometimes like a table tennis ball game, how do they play that fast and still hit the ball!… it’s unnatural!


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