what I did on my holidays… 29/May/17

… not exactly holidays but it is a Bank Holiday weekend as evidenced by the sudden explosion of people across the island (help! we’re sinking!)……. as for me, well, all days become everyday unseemly blurring into one most of the time but I did venture out in the great wide mêlée and hit my local beach but beach-combing was out as it was beset and strewn with tourists, visitors, holiday-makers, call them what you will, though amidst the melange I was drawn to a small smoothed mere fragment of shell, long lost from its origins and now honed by the sea into something resembling a plectrum…. so I’ll call it ‘the plectrum’ for wont of something more imaginative to bother my brain…….. the total haul of my combing apart from a few photos….. although….. although my photo-haul did include for the first time ever… fanfare please………. my first shots ever of a sedge warbler!………. don’t deny it, I can see you’re as excited and enthralled as me…….. it’s a bird by the way…… small bird, warbler of course as given away in its name…….. and for such a small bird has one of the most voluble raw, rasping saw-cut songs in the business…… often heard and not often seen and bloody difficult to shoot despite having seen hundreds over the years this is my first ever actually shot!….. well I’m pleased anyway, and when I’m pleased you best o make the most of it because it doesn’t happen often………. I also saw a dead rabbit…. a flat one….. not lying flat like some people on the beach worshiping the sun but flat as in roadkill……… fear not though dear reader, all was not doom and gloom, I later saw three live rabbits………… my beaches don’t feel like mine at these times, being they’re coveted and coated in a slick of humans washed up from trains, planes and automobiles to galumph their dazed lumps here on my beach……. yes, of course it’s MY beach, admittedly not a lot, if any, people know it but nevertheless….. anyway, I finally nabbed my sedge warbler to what do I care…….

© robert greig 2017


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