ouch barefeet, 27/May/17

10am and it’s already 27ºC in my driveway…… I climb into my car, or stationary mobile oven, turn on the AirCon (A/C) and sweat for the minutes it wastes to take effect……. heading to the south of the island it’s now 29ºC…. I wonder if the road will melt………. who knew the colour blue could be so hot………. finally having trundled along Anglesey’s highways (overly grand description) and byways I’m as far south as I can go looking across to the ‘mainland‘, although Anglesey itself is a ‘mainland‘ to it’s even smaller rock of Holy Island, and that is the ‘mainland‘ of the even tinier Skerries…. it’s all relative, as is this heat……. it was no 30ºC as I hastened from the A/C haven of the car into the cool refuge of the house that sits oblivious as to whether its hot or cold, it just is, a pile of bricks and tiles and glass and infill, known as furniture………. now back to 28ºC I set off again willing the A/C to feed me coolness now and drove back north…. welcome to my “back ‘n’ forth days” where whatever the weather I seem to spend most of my time back and forth from one here to another, to one there from another………. 30ºC once again…. holiday traffic has hit the islands highways and byways complete with their holiday-driving and caravans and cars packed to the gunnels with luggage and kids and pets and GPS to tell them they’re here when they’re not and lead them a merry dance…….. 33ºC….. middle of the day… this is insane….. A/C working overtime trying to stop me turning into a puddle on driver’s seat………… 2pm and finally, finally back home again, mid-afternoon, and 34 degrees centigrade on my patio………. ouch! barefeet! ouch! barefeet! ouch! ouch! ouch!………

© robert greig 2017


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