kick the bars, 18/May/17

no visit to Aber is ever complete without getting up close and personal with the sea, whether it’s standing and staring or stone-skimming stones, or sitting and pondering closing your eyes and letting the sound carry over you…. or…….. or getting a blessing if you please by standing too close to the edge of the sea wall where wave upon wave will hit with such intensity as you launch itself up and over the top…. the very top where you, or in fact I, happened to be standing oblivious to the coming assault from a wave that just hit that sweet spot just perfectly so as to lift it clean over and up several metres into the air and over the rail where I found myself having my second shower of the morning…. and this is fair weather!……..

… oh how I laughed… eventually……. as soon I checked my camera was fine and it was although one side of me was somewhat more than slobberly kissed by the sea…….. oh what a salty dog I was to be……… but fear not!…. being a fine warm May I dried in a thrice but kept wary an eye on the side of the quay for the rest of the steps that I took…..

… from the one farthest end of the prom at the harbour beyond which was only sea to the otherest far end of the prom were the mountain rose out of its up-tilted planes……….. it is the tradition to ‘kick the bars‘, or railings, at both ends or you haven’t completed this very long jaunt….. which I did, just to be sure, tradition being tradition and all………

… another ‘tradition‘ here is to locally abbreviating all towns beginning with Aber- (as there are none simply called “Aber”) as just ‘Aber‘, despite it always having more to its name… thus wherever you are each Aber you hear mentioned will always be the nearest ‘Aber-‘….. so always make sure you know where in the country you are!……. therefore I’m here, at Aber-………. yes, Aber……..

ps…. “aber” is Welsh for a river mouth, usually at its confluence with the sea….. hence why Wales has so many!

© robert greig 2017


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