tiny conspiracies, 14/May/17

a conspiracy of kites… that’s my new collective noun for red kites, a bird that can at once be so present as in your face and then… and then… as soon as you reach for your camera they become decidedly conspicuous by their elusiveness……… as for the next hour we played now you see me now you don’t……….. it’s a conspiracy I tell you!…. there’s a load of them all huddled behind a tree giggling planning and scheming to next plot to make me twist and contortedly bend in ways the human body was not designed in an effort to catch them in my lens…. this isn’t shyness, more bloody-mindedness……….. a new subspecies of bird, the Mischievous Kite………..

…. so that’s one merit of this hideaway I’m huddled away in for the week in a mid-Wales somewhere other than my usual for this cottage, although it does have an ample-sized quality cafetiere, essential, and lovely soft also ample-sized towels….. and they are ever-so, ever-so soft, and they are red, ever-so red, mmmm……. it fails with a teapot that hold merely one cups worth… tsk tsk…..there are other niggles which I won’t bore you with here as I’m even boring myself, suffice to say the less-is-more approach works except when it tips into an austere minimalism of design over substance, style over practical…….

…. anyway, enough said, I won’t go on but as a clue to my current somewhere, as if the kites weren’t a clue enough, yesterday I climbed a Treehouse to veggie heaven……….. ok, that’s probably not helped…. there is the tiniest shop ever, the kind of shop for which the word ‘tiny‘ was invented, so small I thought I’d not even fit through the door, but I did and bought local eggs… they should call it ‘The Cupboard’…… and there’s a scrumptious fish & chip restaurant…. it seems all I’m blogging about is kites and food…… I did visit a tiny train too, not as tiny as the tiny shop and it was actually people-sized… just……..

© robert greig 2017


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