the crucial hat, 12/May/17

big wheels keep on turnin’ as they will do today for today is the day I set off southward bound for somewhere southward in the south of here from here….. it seems I’m going away for a few days to somewhere not too near nor not too far but perhaps just maybe, maybe, maybe just right… and a few lefts and probably some more rights rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…. but be sure wherever I go I’ll be sure to always take the weather even though it’s likely to always rain on me as it so often-times does one lives in hope if it does it’s not a hard rain that’s a-gonna fall…… so what will this new albeit short adventure-to-be and should I merely expect the unexpected……?…….

going away can always be so fraught, what with putting the house to bed, what to take, what to leave, have I switched everything off, emptied the bins, fed the cat… wait, I don’t have a cat….. ……. usually clothing gets sacrificed during the packing for bits and bobs  such as notepads and pens, books and magazines, the quaintly-named ‘toiletries‘… and my usual electrical/ electronic jiggery-pokery: cameras, laptop, dictaphone, shaver (or I’ll just hang it and grow a beard) and absolutely not forgetting the all-important journey-snacks…… can’t go anywhere long-distance without a plethora of eatables for the trip………. make note: leave room for a pair of shoes and two changes of clothing, that’ll do surely… ok, two pairs of footwear maybe one of which I’ll be wearing undoubtedly….. and a hat, the crucial hat, being prone to the joys as sunstroke ’tis an essential item for me baldy-head……. yes, of course I’ll pack a toothbrush, what do you take me for….. and a coat, I am a northerner after all and never go anywhere without a coat just in case,  this is Wales after all, land of sheep and rain, so I should be ok as long as it doesn’t rain sheep………

anyway, best be gone, see you on the other side………..

© robert greig 2017



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