everyhere, 29/April/17

it is said that someone with a powerful attraction to islands is called an islomane……. I think I’m clearly afflicted with islomania……. constantly drawn to them as destinations, even when simply reading a map or an atlas it’s the islands that distract and beckon me, vie for my attention….. I don’t know why for sure, maybe it’s the presumed madness associated with them where it’s said being on an island is akin to a form of sensory deprivation resulting in becoming stir-crazy, presumably likening it to being in a cell or a flotation tank……. it could simply be with needing to know where the edges are, like one could stretch out ones arms and touch the sides, a kind of affirmation……. but I’m also drawn to the north and all things northern and northerly, the ‘N’……… the further north I go the more I feel something almost worth calling home, the further south the more dislocated……… could this be northomania, the mind of a northomane?……… as that’s clearly quite a clumsy word I prefer being a ‘norther‘, simply that……. it’s the direction of travel that defines not the place I find myself, my current north may be your current south although I’ll still be north of somewhere…… north, south, east and west were all there before I was and still will be after I’m gone all pointing away from every ‘here’………. some regard the north as an almost lost place, dark and forbidding although at certain times of the year has more light than anywhere else the further north you venture, but yes there are times it is quite possibly a bit forbidding in its seemingly unending dark……….. and yet the north is also perceived as a vast open empty space, wilderness, where distance goes on forever, flat and stretched but at the same time littered with islands tectonically-torn in a forever winterness…….

© robert greig 2017


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