up around the bend, 24/April/17

I speak my mind… actually no I don’t, nor does anyone I think, I speak an edited version of what’s on or in my mind nibbling or niggling or noodling or doodling away……. edited to fit words, language, the etiquette of conversation… mustn’t forget etiquette keeping its stern and wary-eyed hand (eye-hands!…. imagine having eyes in your hands, mind you that would free up space on your face for something else in the gap……..) upon the tiller of chaos otherwise all you’d hear or read would be gobbledygook and disarrayified nonsense, blather and blah-blah….

see, I’m editing now to make what’s on or in my mind fit the spaces, shapes rules and regulations of what you see before your very eyes… voila!…….. like magic that isn’t magic at all, just grammar…… I could just start adding lettttters to worrdddszs will-nillyyy shouuulould Iayeeye wwIsshH but… but….. eventually it’d all become illegible flummery defeating the object of what speaking ones mind is about, communicating… not that even when people do use proper words in all the right order with the right spacing and spelling do they always make sense…. in fact in my experience most people just open their mouth and sod all worth hearing sputters out…..

I suppose I should get to the point before I finish this mug of tea as, you see, each blog takes the time to drink my mug of tea as my mind today is perplexed by the decision in driving tests to replace how to reverse a vehicle around a corner with how to use a GPS…. thus it seems knowing where you are (and if you don’t then maybe you shouldn’t be in charge of a car in the first place!) is more important than how to control the car… on involves exercising spatial and proximity awareness, hand-eye coordination, manual-handling and dexterity, the other, pushing buttons…….. given the choice I’d rather be in a car with a driver who’s learned steering, but what I’m also pondering in my tiny mind is, why one or the other? why not both?…. or maybe I’ll drive………

© robert greig 2017


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