get one free, 20/April/17

buy one get one free!
the bargain of the month!!
buy one election and get another absolutely mind-blowingly free of charge with no expense spared (sanity-clauses apply, see terms and conditions as to whether or not this May or May not affect yours and that under the said clause no liability will be accepted publicly nor privately nor accidentally into a conveniently-placed microphone that just happened to be turned on by any or all hitherto either or the above or below, left, right, centre, dosy-doh parties involved……….. so there!)
offer MUST END by June 8th after which time everyone gets sent a free fan-cleaning kit… also free of charge* (*paid for by the tax-payer….. terms and conditions apply….)……

meanwhile…. who’s running the country?…..

clearly not the local councils with their increasingly incompetent shipwrecked motley crews of employees, officers and self-obsessed councillors……. surely not the power-dressing headless-chicken coop of elected politicians rollerblading uncontrollably on the thin ice of yet another slippery, slithery, slidery campaign trail… or trial…. choking and spluttering on a smoke-screen of electioneering while stroked and pawed a gobble-gobble media salivating over titillating tidbits, half-baked gossip and rampant rumour over anything of actual importance….. as in news…….. providing all and sundry  nonsenseers the perfect excuse to vanish yet even further up their own back-ends……

am I sounding a little Mr Grumpypants from Grumpton here?…. well yes possibly, probably, and sadly I just knew I wouldn’t be able to leave it alone…. maybe I was that child who couldn’t resist picking things off the pavement to cries of “put that down you don’t know where it’s been!”……….

I did say at the time Brexit would come to dominate, smother and consequently overwhelm all else and voila!… costing a fortune in money, time, column inches, news minutes, politicians time, attention and focus and meanwhile…. who’s running the country…?…. while those who voted to leave the European Union who thought it all done and dusted are slowly waking to the mess that that just can’t be swept under the rug………

© robert greig 2017

ps……. I promise not all my daily bloggery will be thus infested with the upcoming electoral damnfoolery, am just trying to make sense of this incoherence……..


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