snap(ped)! 19/April/17

~…. welcome once again to the Brexit v2.0….~

…. ring a-ring a-rosies and pocketful of posies……………..

….. let’s be honest and call a spade a spade, the announcement yesterday of a (snap, crackle, pop!) general election in a mere seven weeks time (although that’s gotta be better than 7 months of it which is what it’d normally be) is basically the second referendum on whether or not to stay or leave the European Union because all focus, minds and tops of agendas will all be Brexit…. once more that silly word gets to ride roughshod over the headlines day in day out (as if it’s ever gone away of course)……..

… essentially the UK government has hit the panic button after being at sixes and sevens since the actually EU Referendum last year and released the headless chickens……. it’s both sneaky and clever being that just like the said referendum there was no time at all to prepare the electorate in all the ins and out and implications of the choices, which will again be the case and will no doubt again result in simply a rash of propaganda, lies and untruths refuelling bitterness, division and racism… again!……… and cleverly branding it a ‘general election‘ rather than what it is, the ‘second EU referendum‘ and choosing a time when there is basically no effective political opposition from any quarter and has a high probability in reinforcing the sitting government with success at the polls and an unhindered free hand in getting on with Brexit unopposed… which is what they want……

…. there’s little chance of them losing outright although one possibility is a hung-parliament, which would be interesting indeed…. watch this space………. the other ducks in a row are a now weak, collapsed and almost non-existent Northern Ireland assembly at the moment, another being stealing the thunder from the Scottish parliaments plans for a second independence referendum on leaving the UK and Wales having local elections in May who are likely by the time June rolls in be more than a little election-weary and just roll over for their tummy tickled……….

….of course we are a ‘democracy‘, in a frayed sense of the word, and as such elections are a fact of life, thankfully of course, it’s just you don’t expect them every month……….. this is a government and leadership in crisis exercising knee-jerk prerogatives and collapsing under the weight of its own self-reverence having lied their way through the last several months saying a change in their leadership would NOT result in a snap election but here we are, they snapped…….. as hypocrisy is a defining quality of any Tory politician it’s only to be expected…………..

….. they are taking a battering ram to crack a nut, the nut being the flailing negotiations on Brexit and should they ‘win‘ it will be the final nail in the coffin of any arguments against it, any other outcome will be the continuing slow-motion car crash we are currently living through but with even more casualties.

ps… … … … of course todays bloggery had to be about this, I can’t not respond to such an ffs-moment in the continuing absurdities of several species (political parties) of small furry animals (politicians) gathered together (monster moshing) in a cave (houses of parliament) and grooving with a Pict (making it up as they go along)….

…… pps… … … … strap in and see you on the other side………..

© robert greig 2017


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