ho humdrum, 11/April/17

do you not find it strange how we are all born in different places at different times and that this place me, you and everyone else reading and not reading this have been born when they were, where they were and who they were……….. like the emergence of life itself and the plethora of possibilities that can invoke, choosing or not choosing this way or that direction…….. we had no choice as to when, where or who we were to be nor to whom we were born…. whether of course this is a precious gift or a curse is contentious, variable and continually changing throughout a life depending on the good, the bad and the ugly of experiences thrown at you…. but of all the possibilities of time, place, person, perhaps even species (I could’ve been a plan, though not likely a teapot as they aren’t exactly born… are they?…….. not as far as I know anyway, maybe they are, brooded by tea cosies until they hatch out into the teapot they will become whose mission in life is to brew the perfect tea every time…. who knows for sure…..) ……. the whole notion of rebirth, blah, blah and unproven previous lives, etc, what are the chances that I was born when and where and who I was born, it could’ve easily been a year later, or earlier, or even 30 years later, to now find me here the age I am as determined by some arbitrary system of counting…. surely it’d be more accurate to record age by days rather than years as years are so huge and have massive gaps in them……… I was born on a Tuesday, a fairly nondescript nothing special kind of day….. typical!….. ho humdrum…… as for how many days old I am, it’s a lot………..

© robert greig 2017 (and counting!)


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