droning on, 7102 lirpa ht5

every moment is a beginning…. and an end….. I’ve probably most likely have thought this before, said this before, wrote this before…… it’s true what ‘they‘ say that in every moment is everything….. “every” is a BIG word, so self-assured yet seems to assume an awful lot……. in each moment the processes of creation, degradation and annihilation happens and there’s basically sod all we can do about it…..from vigour to rigor in one, well, moment…….

did we invent time or just discover it or more than likely stumble across by accident like penicillin…… we still can’t agree that it even exists…. can you discover what isn’t there?…… or discover what is there in fact being that it’s already there making any ‘discovery‘ of it moot………..

behind the delusion a facade and behind the facade the funniest joke you’ve never heard…….

hundreds and thousands probably more of these moments have been whittled and withered since I started writing this sprawl of words in pen and ink on paper only to do it all again with key and code on pixels…….. not being a trained typist my hand is far from quicker than the eye……… don’t mind me I’m just speaking silently, exactly the same as speaking but inaudible: my throat, larynx, mouth muscles minutely mimicking every word, pause, punctuation……. it’s far preferable to listening to my dull, flat, featureless voicescape that’s even annoying to me droning on and instead you can choose or not to waste the next few moments of creation, degradation and annihilation reading them…….

beware, beware
of its deafening stare
a monotony monster
lurking there.

© robert greig 2017


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