a thousand words, 4th April 2017

people are unbelieving or unsympathetic or both to illness they can’t see and don’t or won’t understand…. redefining it as trivial or malingering, masks for their fears…. take mental illness, locked away out of sight and out of mind preferring to pamper themselves in pretence…….

under my feet I can feel the weight of the world… bearing up through me… oppressing….

judgemental…. a part of the human conditions it seems….. deciding value, worth, right, wrong, good bad, we can’t help it we all do it…. we are the centre of our own universe and all else revolves around us either attracted or repelled……..

words the same…… each single one a melting pot of infinite possibilities to be harvested, milked, drained as we suicidally impale ourselves on them in all too often vain hope they’ll do what we want them to do, express and convey what is me becoming crutches on which to hobble around on cobbled relationships…… hoping they’re sympathetic to our cause and be the prism, or more often kaleidoscope, through which to refine us……

words are dark stars, black holes…. some dull, laboured, lumbering, some accumulating a mass of crushing proportions, some unattractive yet still compelling……. others are light, enticing, enchanting, but all suspended between dangerous and benign…. which is which and when is hard to say until you’re up close and personal and then it’s too late drawn into its gravity, their orbit, becoming just another moon disciple or victim…. you and they both becoming tropes……. they colour our numbers sometimes smudging over lines into where they don’t belong… or do they…….. inventing shades and gleaning hues of muddied presumption and assumption………

words can feed the soul and equally rot it… who is using who here with their tone, meter, rhyme and inevitable baggage….. some are nectar on the tongue, others poison in the veins with every one at the mercy of human natures whim to turn every tool into a weapon………

people, ah yes, these ‘people‘, they do like an enemy… targets for their slings and arrows, solidifying the centrality of their fickle and volatile universe….. even permitting the justification of an insidious and perhaps innate racism… to be provocative, invoke and incite, feed and encourage attitudes thereof…… a word can speak a thousand words……

© robert greig 2017


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