the early bird, 23rd March 2017

I wonder if that early bird got the worm then…… the vociferous blackbird singing his little syrinx out at 5am… maybe so and it’s his victory song…… hoorah for the bird, poor worm of course…..

but no one cares about the worm, it’s just a worm after all…. as though that one word “worm” encompasses all you need to know without qualification…… how simple some things seem……. it’s not a panda or a butterfly, not cuddly nor pretty-coloured, nor an orangutan looking remarkably like us so it’s ok to disregard or even villianise the worm being as far from cute or familiar as possible… all wriggly, squirmy and slimy, cut them in half they still keep wriggling away, can’t even tell the head from the tail, do they even have a head, how more alien and ‘other‘ could they be!….. people seem to like having an ‘other‘ to rage against, make them feel good make about themselves…… usually reinforcing a gamut of well-honed ignorance through uniformed interpretations fueled through echo chambers easily pacified by a faux-power and pseudo-entitlement…..

if the worm ate the early bird people would be horrified, gathering pitch forks and blazing torches, casting fury and raining vengeance upon an all-too-often ill-defined and equally ill-understood ‘other‘ stoked with a language of defiance masquerading a pretence of unity and non-existent solidarity……. a twisted sense of purpose enacted through sawn-off rough justice……. people seem to thrive on being outraged, an excuse to justify their own prejudices however well- or usually ill-informed…. it certainly provides a convenient respite from their own inbred divisions without the onus of responsibility for it… like having created a monster and now have no idea how to deal with it… hostility’s all good and fine as long as it’s wielded by the guy wearing the white hat……… anyway, where was I?……… ah yes, the mellifluous blackbird, it’s more likely he got the slug than the worm being they are particularly partial to a juicy mollusc…….

© robert greig 23rd March 2017


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