day #81, 22nd March 2017

labels seem to help people, without them it seems we aren’t able to cope without naming everything within an inch of its life and defining it as one or the other with all the in between bits conveniently sidelines as footnotes to as not to muddy the simplistic assumptions and presumptions….. for such a sophisticated piece of biological machinery as is the brain and all of its understood, misunderstood, misguided machinations things seem to invariably get dragged down to a ‘with or against’, black or white, left or right, in or out, leave or remain, yes or no, up or down……. I suppose it’s understandable, the attraction of a simple this or that saves having to bother with the hassle of actually thinking or making others think, something right or it’s wrong and that’s that….. but it never is of course as everything as we know is relative… relatively right or relatively wrong, not matter how right the right or how wrong the wrong…… the light and the dark, each defined by the other inextricably, as a world of absolutes merely ignores one or the other to the detriment of ever really making any sense of anything….. the thing being, to me anyway, nothing makes sense or is made sense of, which is frustrating but that’s my default state, frustration… probably in part because things aren’t simple or black and white and are always at some mystical moveable feast-point in between, toing and froing and frothing at the mouth…… I think I’m sinking into glub-glub…. in the brilliant words of David Byrne…..
“and you may ask yourself
am I right? am I wrong?
and you may say yourself, my God! What have I done?
same as it ever was
same as it ever was
same as it ever was….”

© robert greig

(psst… and © david byrne)


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