more more stuff stuff, 18th March 2017

I remember when we only had three television channels, and yes I know there was a time when there were only two and even just the one but for me it all started with three…… then whoosh! a fourth… wow!….. then shazam! a fifth, double wow!… where will I find the hours in the day?…… then kaboom! wham bam and thank you mam, hundreds and thousands (I used to eat those by the handful…. sugar rush!) of channels all eye-crunchingly boggling…. so much choice…. and yet…. not…….. I get roughly’ish 128 TV stations on my idiot box and another 30 odd-or-so radio, my tele doesn’t access the internet……….. between the button fluff, the tired old formats, programmes littered with “coming up!”, recaps or sliced and diced gob-loads of adverts I found roughly 8½ hours’ worth of even vague interest over an entire week…. some I never got around too, some still unwatched and languishing on my recorder with only a few I’ve actually viewed…. there’s no more choice just more MORE…. more stuff, more noise to have to filter out………. and now all this more MORE we can be experienced on even more devices, screens, formats… stuff stuffed with stuff…….. I watch two or three channels occasionally, though increasingly DVDs…. mostly I opt for radio of which my ears tend to orient on three stations rarely more…… even more mostly I choose music, being  CDs/ vinyl (downloads aren’t for me)…… so more of MORE yet not more anything but stuff stuffed with stuff and more stuff……. well dear reader, that’s the best I got today, thanks for persevering…….

© robert greig


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