that sinking feeling, 17th March 2017

again?… already?….. so soon?……. feels like we’ve only just had a Friday and voila! Friday all over again…… it feels the same but different, so that doesn’t help…… well, the news seems mostly the same old same old……

….. the UK government in its infinite witlessness won’t allow Scotland to have a second referendum on leaving the UK… the same government (based in England) that blithely went ahead with a referendum of its own presumptuously dragging all parts of the UK with it on whether or not to leave the European Union (EU) which by the slimmest of margins was, rightly or wrongly, in favour of doing….. that over-used, flawed  and inaccurate justification being not to oppose “the will of the people”….. incidentally, the narrowest majority of 4%  of the people….. following this logic and argument the will of the people of Scotland was therefore to remain in the EU by an even greater margin……. the UK government pout that it’d be “irresponsible” to subject the Scottish people to yet another referendum without them being in “full possession of all the facts”…..pity this ‘full possession of all the facts’ approach wasn’t practised during the EU referendum instead of the disastrously hurried campaign of propaganda, misinformation and blind-leading-the-blind ignorance which has effectively caused far more damage, intolerance and division to our so-called united kingdom than any devolution has ever done…..

….their language seems peppered with unhealthy lashings of hypocrisy……

….  this is the same UK government that claims to want to keep its important trading partners “close” when referring to the US while effectively pushing Europe away, our far larger and more relevant trading partner….. joy to the world! that Friday-feeling… already?… so soon?….. same old same old…… here we go round the merry-go-round tra-la-la……

© robert greig


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