,comma … 16th March 2017

the first comma of the year
I like what I like and not what I don’t
enough said?
maybe not
maybe not the first ,comma but it is the first ,comma
alighting on the arm of the bench in the sun that I sat on for first time in a while and there it was
sitting beside me first of the year
drawn by the warmth of an early spring flush
unannounced an emergence of small punctuation
of leaves and of bark from wintered refugia and seeming remarkably fresh
hawthorn burst boldly though blackthorn is first to the flower
though pipped perhaps probably by the forsythia
yelling in yellow while berberis briskly unburdening orange
and the first
ragged of wing or so it may seem
it’s just a disguise to keep it unseen while
it sleeps through the months upon
months of cold months in dormant repose as it spent the time
counting its toes
til when it stretches and yawns
(imagine how stiff you would feel after sleeping for months)
and spreading its faux-ragged form to take to the wing
to alight on the arm of a bench to await on
the rest of its partners in grammar
the hyphen, the dash, the period, stop, the full stop and asterisk,
brackets, parenthesis, tilda and solidus, accents acute,
quotations and umlaut, circumflex, slash,
interrogations and least but so far away from the last is the colon and I
oh I could so groanly go on but I won’t as you see…..

it’s just me only me and the the
a-sat on the bench
the first of the year
with me
sitting here

© robert greig


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