the every-sound, 10th March 2017

I wonder where the sound goes after a song ends…. or maybe it doesn’t end at all but is still there subliminally fragmenting the silence that all sound seem to fall back into… and from where it births, breaching like a killer whale to momentarily hang mid-air surrendering to gravity to crash and leaving all the rest to silence……… again I return to silence which must be the loudest sound of all… a hole in the noise into which all other sound falls or collects like dust on a shelf that accumulates to a point where it doesn’t get any deeper…. how high can you stack a pile of mattresses before they topple…. or you crush the peas beneath……… if I could hear silence then I’d probably go crazy…. silence is every-sound…… every sound that ever was, ever will be and ever becomes…. and what about the conversation I last had, am guessing that’s also now mingling among all the other sounds I’ve made and heard in the unquiet silence…. makes you think and thinking about it makes my mind do yoga at high-speed… Twister -yoga!…. left is right and right is wrong here a limb there a limb, a most peculiar shape I’m in……

© robert greig


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