absurd cool, 9th March 2017

treat-time….. the proud owner of a new washing machine, and it’s silver……. thus, I got a silver machine!…… apart from the obvious advantage over my old slightly deceased one being that this one works it also plays a little tune at the end of every wash…… a jolly tune indeed, how absurdly cool is that!……. though sadly not the riff from Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine” which would been even more brilliantly absurdly cool…. jolly nonetheless…… and how absurdly cool is should be that I’d be so impressed by it…. (oh how small my world)….. but I am, I am…. you have to grab your jollies as and when you can these days……. now I’m sat here waiting and watching for the current wash to end, it even has an LED timer, electric blue! now I see I have your attention…… watching and waiting for the jaunty all-clean tune…….. some days are just one long absurdly cool thrill-ride.

© robert greig


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