a present future past, 8th March 2017

once upon a time our differences were largely reconcilable…. differences being more chalk and cheese than tooth and claw….. not now, not so much now…. although smoking continues as a barrier between those who and don’t (admittedly most people I spend time with aren’t smokers, coincidence maybe not)… like any drug smoking, or nicotine more precisely carves a gulf between users and non-users, alters the brain chemistry in its addicts, their sense of taste and smell and even empathy, all aside from the constant stale reek on everything they touch and wear even the air around them…. but even this like many other ills of society were at least in part resolved by (albeit sometimes begrudgingly) agreeing to differ…….

… and then stumbled Brexit….. in my time (which even includes the Miners Strike of the 1980’s which was cynically used by the then Tory government as a tool to divide and subsequently conquer for their own ends) nothing have proved more irreconcilably societally-damaging… and divisive….. echoes of “divide and conquer”, a weakened society is a vulnerable and potentially suggestive one, history is littered with such ruinous examples…… the ghost of the British imperialistic ambition turning in on itself while it can no more sail the seven seas subjugating whomsoever they stumbled across…..

“you’re either in (remain in the EU) or out (leave)“… the mantra that broke not so much the political system as we know it, as that continues unabated, hilariously even with some politicians claiming not to be politicians by their less-than-convincing attempts to be “of the people, for the people” who tend at the end of the day to be surprise, surprise!… politicians… what it broke is communities, irredeemably in many cases…… friends who were so have found themselves not any longer, marooned on opposing sides of this gorge…. it’s likely some have always felt one way or the other but now it’s ‘official‘, outed, and “agreeing to differ” is no longer on the happy meals menu……

… similar’s happened in the (dis)United State where never before has an elected President ever proved quite as divisive at the current bun-head now disturbingly bearing the moniker of Commander-in-Chief…… and division as is evidenced incites intolerances resulting in antagonism… on all sides……. blatantly cannibalising our society, eating ourselves from the inside out…. allowing a rhetoric of fear and mistrust to dictate policy, behaviour, attitude, even friends, kowtowing to a self-made terrorism as or more destructive and disemboweling than anything actual terrorists could ever do, preying on our own nightmares.

………… not the jolliest of daily bloggery admittedly but sometimes I just need to make space to breathe…….

© robert greig


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