day’ities, 5th March 2017

pick a day any day any day will do, take your pick they’re all before you laid out on display…..

maybe I can interest you in one  reminiscent of a moon, or in fact the Moon, unlike the others in that it’s arguably a god or a goddess or just a lump of floating rock but unique insofar as it’s the only Anglo-Saxon one of the lot, quite a catch I’d say…… or perhaps one, though not as unique, named after a Norse god, yes I know there were lots, a veritable Valhallas-worth of them but all worth a viewing… take this one, Tyr, often overlooked though quite dynamic actually, with a temperament of Mars, perhaps a bit too war-like for some, not to mention one or two anger-issues to be ironed out…… then what about a day named after Odin (or Woden, if you prefer), sounds pretty cool yes?… a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, maybe master of none but hey-ho you can’t have it all, though he frequently tried……. now here’s a goodie, Thor…… piqued your interest yet?…… a thunder day, yeh, yeh?…… gotta admit it has a ring to it, that’s got you grinning, and ok it comes pre-packed with one hell of an ego but still, impressive eh………. ok, well what about something slightly more on the serene side, I been keeping this aside for only the discerning hence why it’s nestled here at close to the other end of the week…..

another Norse day admittedly but what a belter, Frigg, or perhaps you prefer to know her as Venus….. now you got it, all that wisdom and knowledge…. but one note of caution, all that wisdom and knowledge doesn’t come without the burden of carrying it, just saying, you kinda need big shoulders for this one……….

the last two are both Roman as it happens, curious that they’ve managed to bag the weekends over the Norse, perhaps because they are usually known as days for rest and play and chillin‘ leaving all the work to those pesky northerners.. I haven’t forgot that one’s Anglo-Saxon of course, and predictably perhaps they get the day most people don’t like and swear at a lot, which is kind of apropos being it was them who introduced a plethora of those very curse words to the language……

….. so there’s this, Saturns day as it happens, pretty relaxed, laid-back but is a bit of a party-monster at times, and it seems into role-reversals, so am not sure what parties he might have in mind sometimes…… and finally some call the piece de resistance  is Sol, another weekend Roman of course and if you like a good tan or indeed the dubious pleasures of sunstroke then she’s your day’ity……. so a lot to ponder I know but I’m sure you’ll make the right choice in the end, I’ll even let you take them out for test-drives….

please bear in mind all days come with a disclaimer that sometimes they have a habit of merging into one, getting confused with one another, being inconsistent, not cracked-up to the hype, nor are they protected against loss, damage, daylight saving, leap years, or international date lines or any end of days malarkey…… have a nice day!

…. ps…. ‘nice days’ don’t come as standard and can be fitted as extras to any of the seven but like batteries they do tend to run down…….

© robert greig


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