tomatoes tomatoes, 4th March 2017

tomatoes, tomatoes, I must get more tomatoes as I’ve run out of tomatoes… and saying it twice make it doubly-so so if nothing else happens today I will get more tomatoes for which I will no doubt be seen to haunt aisles a-lined with a plethora of terms used, abused and liberally-sewn onto products as flagrant as willy-is-nilly, the good, the bad and the downright bemusing enthusing credentials and worth…..

a spectrum of free-range, organic, sustainable, green, recycled, reused and reusable, natural, eco, bio, friendly to wildlife and yes even dolphins, fresh from the farm or ethically-sourced, all carbon-neutral and zero to boot……. all good intentions and rightly so just the terms are becoming so loosely defined and crudely refined as to take on a life of their own, made to dazzle the eye of the beholder, buzzing with feel-good, an essence of nature as ‘nature‘ intended….. five a day, ten a day, low fat or less fat, no fat or fat-free as fat become enemy number one…  and so on and on goes the solar-powered merry-go-round…..

I get a little weary of the spiel, the stamps of convenient truths and labels of relative proofs… not that they’re entirely meaningless just need to be handled with care and not lead down the allotment path by a blinkered and bipolar logic of good and evil, black and white, phrases that have become the confetti of the marketing world, cynically hijacked to liberally season your senses while in danger of losing their meaning or purpose….. when used responsibly they work, to a degree, it’s just never easy to navigate the smoke and mirrors………

© robert greig


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