waking air, 3rd March 2017

but too much quiet can be just as oppressive and equally claustrophobic as noise, as too much sound…… and quiet taken to its extreme would be silence which to all intents is the closest thing to an absolute, a point of no-beyond……. and silence could just be deprivation… denial… or Space where even the under-song has been sucked out with the gravity……. I just heard that a weather low far, far to the north of even my north is “losing its identity”, I know how it feels……. sometimes all a person wants is for a tone, pitch, timbre, twang to stop, go away because it’s pushing all the wrong buttons… pretty straightforward you’d think….. it could be a voice, a background hum, murmur, even subliminal… animate, inanimate, a sound that normally soothes now discord, dissonance, disharmony, desperate…….. just quiet, not silence, waking air… silence is unimaginable and unexperienceable……. we have air to thank for that, our best friend and at times  nemesis….. not even a someone deaf hears silence (if at all it’s possible to hear something that isn’t), bone conduction and all that… we don’t just hear through our ears, elephants ‘hear‘ through their feet (and their ears of course) as do we, it’s just as our feet don’t look like ears they’re overlooked… literally!……… and tinnitus, most forms of hearing loss come complete with this uninvited gatecrasher in some form or other, that stentorian passenger between the ears, as I have…. not the voices, they’re different and mostly keep themselves to themselves, mostly……. I can’t share my version of quiet with you any more than you can yours with me…… for now I’m tired of tap-dancing on the keyboard so until next time dear reader and the next unthrilling instalment…….

© robert greig


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