under the bell, 27th February 2017

there’s some cheese hiding under the bell…. I know it’s there….. it can’t hide for long, after all it’s chosen the cheese bell under which to secrete itself, and where else would be the first and most obvious place to look for the cheese but underneath namesaked bell…… though it might be a double-think, double-bluff, thinking that hiding in almost plain sight, as in under the very thing that shares your name, would be deemed too obvious and thus overlooked…… but not so…… I brought into play all my deductive powers of deduction, weighed up all the possibilities and probabilities and then the impossibilities and improbabilities leaving no stoned (nor cheese bell) unturned…. donning my imaginary deerstalker armed with my actual and not imaginary magnifying glass, yes I have a magnifying glass, in fact three but I thought using all three might be overkill and have you ever tried looking through three magnifying glasses at once?……. eye-boggling!……. the cheese has been under there since yesterday but it is a thrown pottery bell and thus perfect for keeping cheese, after all one shouldn’t eat cheese fresh from the fridge, mainly because it’s just not ready to be and can taste decidedly odd……. for full flavour it need to be room warm, unless said room is a sauna then probably not…….. as I don’t have a sauna, nor even a hot tub (what’s the point of hot tubs, I ask you) so it’s not an issue……. and mice can’t get at it either….. hoorah! win-win!

© robert greig


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