the present intense, 25th February 2017

another week that lost its footing, couldn’t hold on any longer rapidly becoming a past… there it goes, see it?….. look, look, there goes the present don’t blink or you’ll miss it… too late! you missed it…. oops, off it goes again, I just can’t write fast enough to keep up to keep up to keep up can’t you stop for a sec take a breath……

take a breath…..

and it’s off again there it goes, follow that present…. the speed of light and speed of sound have nothing on the speed of time and I only have the chronologists word that it doesn’t speed up or slow down, stutter or stall or come to a standstill but how do they know for certain for sure………… meanwhile somewhere other than here a president’s busy banning journalists and media, of course that would ‘never‘ happen in a ‘democracy’…. would it….?………

photographers, snappers and selfers…… common ground?….. they all take pictures…. ah, but there’s more than meets the lens….. photographers take photographs, tell stories, a discriminating eye for the moment often waiting for hours to get the one like a surfer who waits on the perfect wave…… snappers take snaps, largely indiscriminate, technically barren and clicking with random abandon though sometimes unearthing a gem………  selfers take ‘selfies’ with phones not cameras, redundant impressions of skew-framed expressions mostly forgotten as soon as they’re taken consigned resigned to the digital dumpster of me-possessed acolytes desperate to prove they were there, or with them, or even exist… ‘me’gabytes and m‘ego’bytes of grab and go, click-upload confetti for the modern age…….. the “selfenders”, an instagramappable plotless soap opera, here’s me with some food, me in the loo, me with this someone I can’t quite remember, me over here, me over there, me getting eaten by the huge bear I didn’t see sneak up behind being too busy taking a ‘me‘!

© robert greig


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