love labours cost, 14th February 2017

roll up, roll up, another marketing opportunity, a once-a-year (along with all the others) to make a killing, or a loving…. or  love-in!……. you’re free, you’re free to pronounce and declare your love to the love of your life, and to use the word “love” as much as you like…… all of course for a price, how could we let such a chance pass by……… after all we know you know we know that nothing says “I love you” more than an oversized bouquet of assorted flowers of which you’ll not know a single name, or a card as big as a car that plays “Clair de lune” when it opens, pastels and glittery so you see nothing says it so bold……. not forgetting the chocolates, the bigger the box the bigger the love, that’s what we say and I’m sure it’s ok that it costs more than heaven and earth…….. and the meal, oh the so special meal, the meal with a menu you can eat any time but for one night only comes with a free chocolate heart with the coffee… and it’s pink!………… if you quibble or question she’ll know you’re being mean and tear-wellingly clear that you clearly don’t care for her just not enough…… how much, how much, how much is she worth?….. we say as much as you got and much and much more……… who cares for tomorrow for today you’re the love of her life and for at least another year, hmm maybe perhaps, when the pressure will bear down it’s jaw-dropping, bottom-line price tag…. is she worth it maybe just maybe you never quite cared…….once upon once it once was anonymous, the thrill of not knowing and maybe you never will, the frisson of maybe, maybe it’s him, maybe it’s him, could even be her, or him maybe her, with a  nudge or a wink or the sleight of a smile but now all the mystery’s lost……  whoever said that loving was cheap and it’s all we could do to cover our bills between Christmas and Easter, what better way, hooray, hooray for Valentines Day, stand and deliver!… and we take plastic…….

© robert greig



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