re:sound, 11th February 2017

air, gravity, time…. they don’t make any sound…… neither does black, or blue, or green, or any colour in fact….. thoughts don’t make a sound……. you can have thoughts, you might even be reading them, but they don’t make any sound….. when others say they can hear your thoughts, no they can’t, they’re just being figuratively obscure…… light makes no sound, unless it’s electric or suchlike but then it’s not the light making sound it’s currents, coils, transmitters, ions…….. neither does dark, dark especially doesn’t make a sound… it’s even said at times to be “as silent as a grave”, suggesting graves don’t make a sound but they most likely do, at the very least the sound of wriggling worms through earth, slithering over bone…… which brings me untidily to shade, and shadows, neither of which make a sound…. notorious for not making sound not to mention for also at times being frustratingly intangible, but also intriguingly…….. not a jot of a sound……. of course you might say sound does make a sound after all…. tick, as in tick-tock, although it’s arguable as to whether there actually is a ‘tock‘ and it’s merely one tick after another…… sound travels, it also echoes, is soft and hard, strident, soothing, jolly, jaunty, scratching…. it appears not to take any space at all and yet can fill every last inch…. it’s rises, it falls…… it’s also subliminal… perhaps air, gravity, time, even thoughts do make sounds and they’re subliminal and we feel them instead of hearing……….. our hero pondered all this (soundlessly, except for the occasional “hmm” under his breath – the sound of thought?) and was surprised at just how long a second actually lasts between ticks….. and how long it isn’t….

© robert greig


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