sheepish, 9th February 2017

and the clock on the wall went tick-tock… except this one didn’t, it went ___________ (silence) _____ ’tis my tickless clock…. still has a face and hands because I can’t trust clocks that don’t… it’s a stealth clock…. that doesn’t mean I don’t like tick-tock clocks, I do, their tick-tocking can be very comforting, except when I’m trying to get to sleep…. I think I need a clock that has a switch, one way it ticks, the other way it’s tickless, but I don’t think that’s been invented yet…….. I pondered that if all the sheep in all of Wales were aware of most of their grisly fates they’d be up in.. hooves!……. there’d be a sheep revolution and the fleece would be flying….. we’d be overwhelmed, overrun, it’d be like Planet of the Apes, but with sheep… and sheep can get pretty angry when they want……. because you see there are more sheep in Wales than people, 3 times as many in fact…. there are only about 3.1 million people here but 9 million sheep……. it’s in peoples interest to keep them ignorant by pulling the wool over their eyes…….. and then just when they think they’re going out on a jolly day-trip to the seaside in the big impressive wagon it soon becomes obvious it isn’t quite what they had in mind as they pull into the slaughter yards, a veritable silence of the lambs ensues…….. of course they can’t tell the other sheep because they’re now trapped and their fate like many before is sealed…….. if you’ve ever been cornered in a field with a whole flock of woolly eyes staring you down you’ll know how intimidating it can be….

© robert greig


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