be-gardened, 8th February 2017

there is a small pile of rubble that’s turned itself into a garden…… be-gardened……. it’s been there a while for how long I cannot be sure now as it was so long ago that other things have happened since and took the more important corners of my mind for ready-remembering…. even at the time, whenever-time that was, it was merely an aside to make a small pile of rubble from its previous incarnation as scatterings of rubble…. it wasn’t meant to stay there long, even longer than a day, but there it stayed and still is staying even now but now it’s been be-gardened……. I see from initial observations at least 4 different species of green, some tinged with red, some with white all vying for some space upon the small pile of rubble….. further closer peeking and I’m finding 5 or more, yes definitely more, one at least a grass, just the one tiny tuft………. it’s mostly bit of concrete, maybe dashings of red brick shards and some soil of course, there’s always soil after all this is a garden…….. now my new dilemma is should I move it, and if I did would I be making woodlice homeless as no doubt beneath the small pile amidst the darkest recesses there’s bound to be woodlice and who knows what else in what’s to them a comfy B&B…….. a geranium, medick, viola, plantain, hawkweed, sedum, there must of course be sedum, aka stonecrop, as they love the barely-soil corners down which to put their roots……. no flowers yet but give it time as winter morphs to spring in time as in time always does no doubt there may be more to find as long as I leave it be…. what choice do I have now, it seems il fait accompli……

© robert greig


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