m’ukxit-raking, 6th February 2017

interestingly, if the ‘Brexit‘ referendum here had been run on the same lines as the US electoral system then the vote would have been to remain and not leave the European Union (EU)…. regardless it should never have been ‘fought‘ on the equivalent of a hurried, knee-jerk, sound-bite party politics, campaign-mentality, it wasn’t a party issue but rather a cultural one, as such it was publicly treated like any old election, along party lines with all the petulants, schoolyard, na na na-na na nonsense that goes with it….. and no, not ‘alternative‘ facts……….

conversely, if the recent US presidential election took place under our electoral system then the Democrats would’ve taken it, putting aside of course that they fielded categorically the worse possible candidate as their front-runner, but (warning: bad grammar moment) therein lies a whole  ‘nother  Pandora’s box………

and, so it goes with brexit, or as I call it ‘brexshit’…… should some suffer a convenient memory lapse, the leavers moaned quite  vociferously that should the result be to remain in the EU then they’d insist, yes insist, on a second referendum…. yes, a second….. as the result went their way anyway, underwhelmingly I’ll add, they seem oblivious to having made such a demand with such distasteful retorts “the nation has spoken!” or “get over it!”…….

   psst!…. it wasn’t “overwhelming“, nor “resounding“, nor a “landslide“, and neither had  “the nation spoken“…. turnout was 72% across the 4 countries, yes 4…..dear rest of the world, the UK is not just England… and while we’re debunking misconceptions the word ‘brexit‘ is actually a misnomer (not to mention a bit stupid) as the referendum was for the United Kingdom, not just Britain, the two being different… thus, more correctly would be ‘ukxit‘……….

neither were voting patterns evenly spread, on turnout or between remain/ leave….. not “overwhelming” when the vote for leave was 51.9% to 48.1% to remain…. only 27% of turnout choosing leave…. many whom afterwards and even before was clear for reasons nothing to do with the EU, thus ignorance over the issues involved fuelled and encouraged by a flood of misinformation and propaganda, some simply out of spite against the government…….. poor old Gibraltar voted 96% to remain……. and far, far from a  “nation has spoken” moment…… or yes it had spoken, or some of it anyway, loudly saying we aren’t sure, and based on the back-biting, bullshit, bluster and blundering was impossible to make anything equating to an informed decision….. that word “informed“, so crucial and yet so overlooked this time around……. a result that should have suggested a cooling-off period of reflection in a country now so bitterly and nastily divided as to unleash hatred at almost unprecedented and shocking levels…….

…… I know I keep coming back to this subject but living here it’s largely unavoidable…… and by the way, the fallout from leaving the EU hasn’t fully been realised yet because…… we haven’t actually left it yet… just a nod to those who’ve not been paying attention…..

© robert greig 2017


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