coffeelosophy: without a word, 5th February 2017

I can’t sit here without writing a word or more of the one who’s lost to his phone missing the point of being out in the tangible wide world, whom I later spied again and again eyes welded to the phone even while buying something barely stealing a vacant glance at the person serving him……. sad…..

or the group of four elderly gents at the next table talking legends and porridge… it was all going so well with a detailed description by one on how he makes porridge the ‘traditional‘ way until… until he then placed it in a microwave…. oh dear oh dear…… far from legendary oats……..

or the sixth of the five women who was late arriving for a ‘ladies lunch‘, late because she was waiting outside to meet up… while the others were already inside sipping their first sips of coffees…. all good-humoured at this accidental oops and no animals were harmed (except most likely the pig providing the bacon for one of their bacon panini) as conversation turned to Air B&B……

or the man at the next but one table with a beard most impressively sheared it was not sheared at all!….. a veritable ZZ Top’per, no doubt home to a flock of bearded sparrows……..

or the woman alone at a table for two perusing a book about “How to Sleep Smarter”…… smarter?…… I would’ve thought sleeping soundly would be best…….. who wants to be smart when one can be sound…. being sound, free to be heard wherever whenever by whoever… or not…….

foreigners here are often regarded ‘exotic‘, for better or worse, thus an Asian man of a ‘certain age(don’tcha just love that phrase… maybe I am too.. a certain age, not exotic!) gazed upon the art that peppered the wall of the gallery’s cafe……

or outside the window two men were trying to fit a 50″ (or was it 70″!) flat-screen TV into the back of a Fiat 500 (ps… that’s a very, very, very small car)……… so I better write a word or two before my own coffee gets cold…..

© robert greig


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