careering, 30th January 2017

it’s ruined my listening to the news….. the election the new president of the United States of Disrepair (who shall henceforth remain nameless for fear of vomiting)…… as a consequence he’s everywhere, every day, on almost every item on nearly every program boldly-emblazoned on every article…… its larval flatulence smothering the rest of the world in a pyroclastic, airless smog….. even here in this blahblog…….. beware of so-called ‘political outsiders‘ and their Trojan horse triumphalist rhetoric placing themselves seemingly outside a conveniently undefined political elite/ establishment with the upshot of placing them beyond scrutiny…… false gods who may not quite be the trump-card you had in mind………

even international translators are struggling with his manner of speaking which is essentially “baby-speak”… some cultures translate differently according to whose talking and who you’re talking too… as it turns out he (and you know who I mean) has mannerisms akin to baby-speak, meaning he’s speaking as one would to a baby, except to full-grown adults… a patriarchal  and condescending attitude?….. ‘just saying….

it’s true there’s an increasing dislike and abhorrence of the so-named ‘career politician’, one-trick ponies merely feathering their own nests on the crest of misinformed voters whose only life experiences are skewed by the insular, back-stabbing, in-fighting and petulance stagnating in the corridors of power…… but….. but also there is an equally extreme distaste for politicians who are arrogant, self-righteous and condescending  plutocratic kleptocrats  with totalitarian delusions…… forget not there’s also a well-deserved suspicion of fat cat business men in their business suits with their business-speak and yet….. a fools goldrush……

it’s become a peculiarly very British obsession with all things American, actually all things USA…… out of all the inaugurations in all of the world we exclusively focus on, you guessed it, the US…… even the prematurely-ejaculated campaigning trundles its juggernaut of bluster and tedium onto our airwaves and into our column inches day after day after day after…….. it’s wearing decidedly thin, thinner than the thinnest of wafer-thin biscuits ever concocted!………. but it pads out the news, websites and newspapers with very little effort providing snappy, snidey headline fodder perfect for the 140 character generation of attention-deficit, anally-retentive slurry-mongers who seem to revel in car-crash politics… as long as it’s not their car careering uncontrollably into oncoming traffic claiming as they like “being in the thick of it” when really they’re just rubber-necking gawpers in the schoolyard glad it isn’t them in the bully’s bullseye……

© robert greig 2017



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