child-offsetting, 28th January 2017

yes it’s true…… our illustrious government here in the illustrious UK is proposing reproductive controls for a… ta daa!…two-child policy…. has history and eugenics not taught these people anything……. and in the blink of an eye boom-boom out go the lights……. but let’s be fair, it’s not insisting you’re obliged to actually have two children when maybe you might only want one, or none, or simply are unable to conceive at all (and lord knows what you do if you’ve already got more), it proposes two as the maximum….. a policy which to be mostly directed at, surprise, surprise, the less-well off…….. and why oh why you may ask…… nope, it’s not because of overpopulation as such, it’s (and here’s where the “less well-off” comes into play) to reduce the welfare bill for child credits and benefits…. yes folks, it all comes down to a simple economics apparently as how the government shuffles money around…. our money incidentally, not theirs to exercise whatever wheeze that passes for a whim……. the fall-out from such a policy makes my head swim…….. what if someone accidentally has a third, what then?….. prison? a fine? removal for adoption (or the workhouse!)? enforced abortion? infanticide!?!…….. which brings me untidily to child-offsetting…. (note: don’t suggest this to them they might actually think I’m serious!) akin to carbon-offsetting, the environmental legislation where business and companies can ‘sell‘ or swap carbon credits (predetermined allowable quantities of  pollutants that company will be permitted to emit in a year) with other businesses or companies, also between countries… a whole new marketing opportunity beckons,  parents can swap or ‘gift‘ their ‘spare‘ child/ children (aka credits) to those with currently one, or none….. hey, the government can even tax it too…… quids in!

© robert greig 2017


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