not so flat, 27th January 2017

over a rise and down into the sprinklings, hundreds and thousands, ethereal lights, sprites or aliens defying all frame of reference…… staring makes them shudder, shifty, nervous at being watched for longer than they think they should be….. contrary to popular myth Anglesey isn’t flat……

not as flat nor even as windy as it’s presumed reputation suggests….. although it is flatish, but not as flat as Norfolk, and can at times be decidedly breezy, but not, say, as much as the Orkneys…… at times it’s unquestionably hilly with a generous smattering of bonciau, bryniau, bronydd,  even mynyddoedd….. not to mention twmpathau…… so you see as you’d see there are even steep gallt y môr, a clogwyn or two (neu dau!), just stand on the edge and look down at the crashing of waves…. and look there, there-be a stac môr!…… even a chwarel and one or two more (neu mwy dau!)….. try cycling here and you’ll find just how flat it so isn’t…….. and you can’t have hills without valleys as one collocates with the other and yes there are dyffrynoedd and bantiau, glynnoedd, cymoedd… so you see, as hazy as shaky my Welsh seems to be……. as the car drops and drops, inclining into a dyffryn and over an afon fed by ffydiau and nentydd fed from a llynoedd or two… or three… or… pedwar!

though not very big say as big as the Avon (which itself is just ‘river’ in Welsh making the River Avon the ‘River River’) it’s perfectly sizeable enough for the island in scale and in-keeping as such as it wiggles and waves through the cors either side….. the temperature outside reads 1°C as I slip away under the cover of starry skies chancing its time to just bask in the chill of the night…..home nearly home again taking a run-up onto the next bryn between the bonciau albeit not exactly Eryri (or Snowdon) but just the right size for the island…….

© robert greig


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