me ME, 26th January 2017

yay me, I got ME!…. I knew it I just knew it I did I did I did, I just knew it… don’t ask me how, it’s probably magic and as magic is supposed to be a mystery then, ergo, don’t ask me how……..  so excited was I, I even wrote a poem to say so…… finally, finally I have a name for it, for feeling crap, drained, exhausted, like my bones have absconded to leave just a sleeve of skin and some untangleably knotty muscles and tendons…… yay me, I got ME!…. or is it chronic fatigue syndrome?…. hmmm… ME is much more fun as it fits playfully with the word for me, being ‘me‘……… of course it won’t stop me groaning at those who still think it’s merely “oh, that’s about being a bit tired isn’t it?”… a “bit tired”…… I ask you, some people, what are they like…..

the (other) bad news is it’s now joining its forces with my Raynauds, another fascinating piece of my physiological puzzle which, again, is another thing for those of tiny minds (whom I call ‘squiggles’ on behalf of their less-than-endearing bear of little brain mentality) who think its “just feeling a bit cold isn’t it?” to get their half-wits around …..  with such unhelpful solutions as, “you could just wear some gloves”…… yet another thing I’ll have to frustratingly explain again and again and again…….

don’t get my so-called enthusiasm wrong though, neither are a picnic nor a walk in the park (a haunt of picnic-browsing bears I hear!), oh no it isn’t… “oh yes it is!”,  said the pantomime horse…. oh no it isn’t… it does have a nasty habit of unpredictably messing up a whole day, days on end, weeks……. oh, you an ME we are gonna have so much fun together…… toodle-pip!

[disclaimer: no bears, nor squiggles, were harmed in the making of this blog…..]


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