of the slug in the night, 24th January 2017

the unwelcome and unappealing curious incident of the slug in the night…. that crawled over my bare foot…… where had it been?… not that I’d been looking for it, as it was as unexpected as it was curious….. where was it going?…. surely the obstacle of my foot was as much a surprise to it as its cold slimmery slithering was to me…..

did our worlds collide, or slowly squelch, at that moment in time precisely by accident or was it fate and as such this was destined……. as I know little to nothing of the fates, destinies or otherwise of slugs (and likely neither did it being slugs are renowned for their philosophising….. although their sluggishness may be the epitome of deep pondering)……. I knew from the second of first contact even before I’d looked that it was a slug, or at least in my reflexive deductive deducing hoped it wouldn’t be something worse, half-asleep as I was…… and therein lay that momentary potential of panic, that seed of doubt, that 1% where you think maybe I’m wrong….. maybe it’s not a slug but the tentacle of a giant octopus the size of my house which for some unfathomable (pun alert!) reason has been sunk beneath the waves at the same time mysteriously remaining watertight from any seepage through walls or windows which may have given the game away immediately and clearly opened other options such as this slimmery slithering being a giant octopus……..

but no, it was a slug….. we didn’t chat nor even exchange pleasantries or otherwise of any kind…. thus, taking advantage that I was much huger and clearer faster than the slug I scooped it up and wished it happy (slimy) trails by popping it out of a window…. thus was the curious incident of the slug in the night……

© robert greig


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